Night Photography by Larrie Thomson
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Approximately every month I will offer one image from the site at a higher resolution for download as desktop wallpaper. I do this, and have you vote on next month's wallpaper, to determine which photos are most popular. The site will not be growing beyond its present size so that means a photo will be removed for each new one that is added. Voting for your favorite will help ensure that it will not be removed during updates, so be sure to vote for the ones you like even if you don't plan to download them if selected.


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Do you have a favorite picture from this site that you would like to have as your computer desktop? Enter it in the form below to suggest it as a future Free Wallpaper Download. You can suggest an image by title or even better, by number. Holding your mouse pointer over any of the full size images on the site should cause the photo number to pop up.

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The wallpaper of the month is provided in one size only, as an 800X600 bitmap (.bmp) file. You can download it ready to use or as a compressed Zip file by clicking on the respective button below. Since installing wallpaper differs from one operating system to the next, it is beyond the scope of of my humble freebie page to step you through the instructions for getting this onto your screen. If you are not sure what to do, consult your owners manual or ask a computer geek. There are plenty of them around and they are usually generous with free advice if you don't mind letting them humiliate you a bit.

Here is this month's wallpaper selection. To download it, click the button below. By clicking the Download button, you agree to use this image only for its intended purpose, as desktop wallpaper on a computer. Creating hardcopy, film or photographic copies of this image by any means is expressly forbidden.

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