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These are some of my favorite places. I hope you enjoy them too. More will be added on an ongoing basis.

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Night Photography Links:

Iceland Aurora -- A collection of beautiful nature and northern lights photography from Reykjavik. Icelandic mountains, Night photography, nature and aurora borealis.

29 Moons -- It's the number of phases the moon goes through in a month! This is John Conner's newly revamped site of colorful night imagery.

North Pole Gallery contains original images of Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights), Ice Sculpture and Alaskan scenery by photographer Kevin McCarthy. Also included is a truly excellent turorial about auroras and how to photograph them.

Karekin Goekjian Art photography, night photography, nature, ruins, landscapes... It was some of Karekin's early night work that helped inspire me to begin night shooting.

Richard Brian Photography showcases an impressive portfolio including some exceptional night imagery.

Eclipse Photography A new site from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan based photographer Rob Kunz. Currently featuring a mix of daytime and night work.

Images by Mark Paris As part of his diverse portfolio, Mark shoots some remarkable night cityscapes using a Hasselblad H1 with a 22 megapixel digital back. Just like with large film, a carefully composed black and white digital image with such high resolution can be breathtaking. Check out the equipment list section for a cool zoomable demo image, then zoom waaaaaay in to see the amazing detail! Tom Robbrecht's photography blog. Contains some very nice images including low light work, along with information on technique and equipment.

Carving Moments is Luc Lavoie's gallery of night photographs featuring urban ruins, light painting, plus starlight and moonlight shots. Recently updated with new work.

Nuits Des Docks A collection of night photos of the Saint Nazaire Port by French photographer Willy Dugast. There's just something about night photographs taken across water... Very nice.

Hours of Darkness Is a collection of night and low light images by New York photographers Jason Krieger and Kevin Beichle. A growing site that already has lots of nice work.

Astronomical and Nightscape Photography by Chris Cook features some nice night and twilight shots from Massachusetts and California along with a spectacular collection of astrophotography. Really gets you thinking about just how big the universe is. Humbling indeed.

Tom Paiva Photography Tom Paiva is a professional, freelance corporate photographer who specializes in maritime, industrial, architectural, and aerial photography. Night Photography is one of Tom's passions and thanks to his priveleged access to some great industrial locations, he has compiled a stunning collection of night images. Tom recently published his first book, Industrial Night, which is available through his web site. Stop by and have a look.

Country and Nature Photography Inspiring images by Alberta based photographer Chantal Thorlakson. Galleries include a nice mix of daytime, twilight and night images, along with some nocturnal light painting.

Jan K. Tyrel Photography Some outstanding color and black & white night work from Germany! See how Jan creates incredibly powerful imagery under some of the most challenging available light situations.

Chris Stackhouse Photography Grain Elevarors of the Prairies. Featuring wooden grain elevators and prairie scenery (including plenty of night time work) from approximately 700 towns in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, North Dakota, Montana, and Washington. You really must see Chris' shot of the Fairlight, Saskatchewan elevator -- my personal fav!

Cambridge in Colour Night and low-light photography of Cambridge University in England. Digital camera tutorials, techniques, and examples also available.

Lost America Night Photography Troy Paiva has been night shooting for over 15 years and has compiled a spectacular gallery of the abandoned roadside west. He's also a good dude and a personal friend. A freelance designer / illustrator by day, Troy brings the talent and perspective of a traditional artist to night photography. He's my hero and a true god among night shooters (and I would've still said that even without the hundred bucks)! Visit his "how to" section for a great introduction to light painting.

The Color of Night, a recent online exhibit of night photography on display at The Nocturnes Night Photography Web Site showcases 86 exciting new night images. I helped jury this show along with Troy Paiva and believe me, it was sure tough picking the winners. Be sure to stop by and have a look!

The Night Skye is Lance W. Keimig's gallery of gorgeous night work. Night shooting since 1984, Lance is no stranger to those of us who frequent The Nocturnes Night Photography Web Site. Now he has his own site to showcase his work. Beautiful stuff! A must-see.

Lab-Wan is Luc Van Den Bosch's site of photography and music. Both night time and abandoned place photography, all in one location! My kinda place.

Willow Creek Photographic Works Alan High's location in Northern Alberta has obviously provided some great opportunities to create this beautiful collection of Aurora Borealis pictures.

Night Photography by Andy Frazer Andy's site includes some nice urban and industrial night work and a great tips page on night shooting under artificial light.

Painting graph's Painting With Flash, by Michaël Corbin. Michaël's work is an amazing, wild ride of electric color where everyday objects come to life with neon glow! There is plenty of information on technique accompanying each photo too. You'll need to be able to read a bit of French, but if you have trouble most major search engines now offer free translation services. This site is really a must-see!

Midnight Exposure is Doug Miller's gallery of night work. A converted day shooter, Doug has been lured like the rest of us by the adventure and challenge of wandering around in the wee hours trying compose pictures in a dark viewfinder. Doug is working with several styles and techniques as he builds his site so expect lots of variety! Currently featuring a continuously updated collection of new work from Ohio as well as the San Francisco Bay area.

Road to Zzyzx - Where Ruin is Reborn. Warren Bates brings us his nocturnal perspective on abandoned places and roadside ruin in the desert of the southwestern US. Wonderful, atmospheric stuff! I'm beginning to think that getting chased out of "Roy's" in Amboy on old Route 66 has become a rite of passage for night photographers. The owner must be getting tired of chasing us away. He doesn't even bring his shotgun anymore!

Fezziwig Photography by Tucson Arizona based artist Stu Jenks contains some beautiful work in two galleries, Circles and Spirals, and Sacred Spaces.

2AM Photography Wow, Vance Lessard's remarkable black and white work is inspiring. This is what black and white was made for!

Shane Moore Photography features night and infrared daytime photography. Both are recipies for cool and unusual imagery! Check it out. Images by Susanne Friedrich. Currently hosting eight galleries including some very nice night work from the San Francisco Bay area.

Arin Ahnell presents his new site of night and low light photography. This guy just has way too much fun with his sooooper-wide lens. Stop by for some great examples of how to exploit linear distortion in a photograph for dramatic effects.

Night Classics Wisconsin based photographer David Duchan builds on his experience as a photojournalist, vernturing forth into the night in search of old cars, trucks and interesting nocturnal landscapes. This is a brand new site but there's already lots to see, with more new work coming soon.

Dark Sky Dreams is Jerry Day's site of both night and astro photography. A perfect combination, really. Bright Sky? Shoot Night Photography. No Moon? Shoot Astrophotography. Hey, Jerry can shoot 365 nights a year!

Cascade Bruce's Rail Images Following in the footsteps of O. Winston Link, Bruce Fingerhood has been photographing trains since the 1970's. This site is loaded with photos, including some night shots.

Texas based photographer Al Ruscelli showcases some beautiful creative night work. Frequently shooting his subjects across water, Al's photos get me thinking about the compositional advantages of shooting night images in this way and the results which could be produced either from relatively short, or long exposure settings. In addition to night work, this section of Al's site also includes some fisheye photography. Visit here to see how to put a twisted perspective to great use!

Sophie's Maze has some impressive night photos from France. Also available in French.

Berthold Steinhilber is a German photographer who also uses special lighting techniques in his night work. Despite working exclusively with white light, I am amazed at the stunning results he is achieving. Visit The Lightworks section for a nocturnal perspective on American ghost towns which will look slightly familiar but at the same time strikingly different from what you've seen here.

Online Photo Galleries Photos from all over the world grouped by subject, including an impressive gallery of images by night, dusk and dawn. - The photographs of Mark Interrante includes a series of night photos as well as abstract, panorama, pinhole and zone images.

Studio Orta is the site of Jorge Orta, a Paris artist and architect who projects his unique alphabet of signs and symbols onto buildings and natural objects with striking results.

Lights of Trondheim Night city photographs, including northern lights, from Trondheim, Norway. Very nice work! Vadim Makarov refers to himself as an "advanced beginner". Visit his site to see some beautiful photos that would put more than a few pros to shame.

David Baldwin is a London based photographer with a background in architectural work and a fascination with the magical changes of mood and light that occur at night. David's web site presents a gallery of very nice work as well as an excellent tips page for beginning night photographers. I have been visiting this site since I began night shooting. is a comprehensive travel guide to Greek island of Crete and is worth a look. Thorough and loaded with pictures, it makes me want to visit someday. The site also includes two galleries of night photography, one from the archaeological site of Gortys and the other from Hersonissos, a resort area in Crete.

New York City Night Photos by Andrew Prokos High resolution stock images and framed photo prints of New York City at Night.


Derelict Places and Abandoned Stuff:

Russian Ghost Town Pictures from Chernobyl "The most compelling thing I have ever seen" was how this site was described in the message I received with the link. Imagine a city of 47,000 people, abandoned literally overnight in the 1980's, and left to the elements untouched by vandalism. This is what happened after the nuclear disaster at Chernobyl. Take half an hour or so, check out the photos, and read the story.

Wow... After reading this, I thought about what I would give to see and photograph this place myself. Turns out that it is possible -- and in relative safety! SAM Travel Company in Kiev, Ukraine can arrange individual access to the Exclusion Zone, complete with an English/Russian speaking guide's assistance, a briefing conducted by a specialist of the governmental agency "Chernobylinterinform" and the required zone access permit.

Ohio Trespassers Urban Exploration. A remarkable collection of photos and history, of some of the most interesting and photogenic abandoned places you'll find anywhere! Wow. I've really got to visit Ohio. If everybody was like me, this site would do wonders for state tourism! Urban and Industrial Photography. Yves Marchand's excellent sense of composition becomes obvious as you view this remarkable collection of photos. Yves is based in France but these photographic essays of abandoned factories and urban decay are universal. This could be anywhere. Includes both night and daytime work.

Forgotten Places I love presenting new sites like this. Tomas Gheys' Forgotten Places is a slick, stylish site loaded with photos of amazing locations photographed in a way only someone with a true passion for these places could. If you only follow one link here this visit. . . You just gotta see this!

Country Grain Elevator Photographs by Bruce Selyem contains the best from his collection of about 65,000 images from more than 3,300 places in 33 States and Provinces. An impressive collection indeed, and neatly organized by location for your viewing enjoyment. At the rate old wooden grain elevators are being demolished, I wonder how many of these places are already gone? Prints are available for purchase in sizes up to 30" X 40".

Klaus Lipinski's "Splitsite" contains collections with different photographic themes. One of them is 'Spuren der Industrie', containing photos of abandoned factories and a few industrial museums as well as still working industrial areas. The subjects are located mostly between Rhine and Ruhr in West-Germany. The photos are a mixture of documentary and interpretive styles. I wish I understood German because I would really like to read the text and commentary on this site. The photos, however, speak for themselves.

The Derelict Sensation There’s an image problem with the idea of ‘derelict’ buildings – apparently they have no use, are dirty and smelly. So why is it that some of our most intense memories and experiences revolve around derelict buildings? Who has decided they have no value? Who says they have no life or soul? The Derelict Sensation, based out of London, England is an interactive collection of texts, interviews, video and art pieces that attempt to kick-start a debate about the different kinds of value ‘derelict’ buildings can have in our lives. The site features fine art black and white and color architectural, landscape, city scene, still life and abstract photography including a project by yours truly with some exclusive photos you can't see anywhere else.

Urban Artography Captivating UE photography by Rob Park. I have trouble prying myself away from this site. Quality stuff! A new photo daily.

Ontario Abandoned Places An amazing and ever growing database of ghost towns and abandoned places in Ontario, Canada. An excellent resource with lots of information and photos. A comprehensive web site about Ghost Towns, Abandoned Settlements and Historic Places in the western United States including 1300 pictures from 174 locations.

Abandoned Places Henk Van Rensbergen's site of European ruins. Tour abandoned factories, hospitals, churches and more. Spectacular locations and great work.

Ghost Towns in Canada includes great stories and pictures of ghost towns in the provinces of Ontario and Alberta, Canada. This site is full of ideas for new night shooting locations! features lots of images and info about Urban Adventure, drain exploration, college tunnels, abandoned buildings, catacombs and other Urban Exploration around the world.

Zone Tour - Database of Urban Exploration features hundreds of photographs and movies of technical galleries, disused factories, underground quarries and more. If you're a fan of industrial archaeology, you'll want to see this!

Zeropoint Kip Praslowicz's stunning web site includes plenty of night photography as well as daytime shots of abandoned places and things. Beautifully designed site!

Photo Essays of Industrial Age Ruins Shaun O'Boyle's site currently contains 7 photo essays of modern day ruins. I honestly can't pick a favorite so see them all! It takes a special fascination with ruins and their part in recent history to portray them this well. I find myself going back here again and again.

Brooklyn 01 includes both night and daytime images of Brooklyn presented via a very cool Flash based map interface. Check it out.


Online Photo Galleries:

PhotoSymphony Productions - The online gallery of Alaskan photographer LeRoy Zimmerman, who specializes exclusively in shooting 4:1 panoramic format. Beautiful work, including some spectacular auroras!

Pictures of Ireland - Fine Art Black & White Photography by Philip Pankov, award-winning Irish photographer, including some gorgeous night work. Check out "Dublin in the Dark".

DLH Creative A diverse portfolio of nice work by pro shooter Daniel Luke Holton. Includes Photojournalism, Editorial and Fashion, Nature and Industrial / Corporate galleries.

Digiteyesed Photography is the site of Edmonton photographer Sean McCormick. His site is loaded with great images and growing daily. Sean has been kind enough to share some of his locations with me so watch for night time images from a few of these places in my future updates. In the meantime, stop by Sean's site and check out his unbelievable collection of desktop wallpaper available for download!

Mindful Creations Fine Art Photography by Joanne Chilton features captivating photos of a variety of subjects in both abstract and realistic styles. They have one thing in common however -- they make you stop and go wow. People often ask me how I "find the shots" or create interesting composition when working in the dark. I guess with practice you learn to look a little more carefully. Joanne's work makes me think about how much we can miss even in broad daylight.

Journeys In Time is Tanya Divjak's site of fine art photography. Working mostly in Black and White, her subjects include landscapes, classic and distinctive cars and trains, architecture and design, grasses, trees, and more.

Noah Grey Photography Funny how coincidence works. I had never heard of Noah Grey until all within a week, three people mentioned -- or more accurately, raved about -- his work, each referring to it as inspiration for their own. Of course I had to stop by to see what all the fuss was about. What I found was a daily photo log with remarkable imagery that draws you right into the experience of the moment. It's not night photography but it is every bit as inspiring as anything I've come across on the web. You'll learn more about taking good pictures from browsing a handful of these images than you ever will from some books on the subject. Check it out!


Photography Resources and Search Tools:

Photography Board Forum Sharpen your photography skills, post your pictures and discuss about the art of photography.

Pinhole Photography by Wanda Scott A remarkable gallery of pinhole photography with instructions on how to make pinhole cameras, exposure formulas, and tips for developing pinhole pictures. When somebody tells me that they need to go out and buy the latest and greatest new camera gear in order to take good pictures, I send 'em here. Take a look at the photographs Wanda is shooting, with nothing more than match boxes, film canisters aluminum cans and half of an old enlarger head!

Photography Resources An excellent launch point for exploring photography through the Internet.

Foothills Camera Club based in Calgary, Alberta. "Promoting Photography Through Education and Fellowship". This is a rather large camera club collectively producing some amazing work. I recently had the opportunity to speak to this group and it was one of the most enjoyable presentations I have done thus far. There were plenty of excellent questions and lots of creativity. If you are in or around the Calgary area, this is a great group of people to hook up with regardless of your level of skill or experience.

StartPhoto A photographic art community offering feedback and critiques, photo forums, photo education, and inspiration. Lots here for everyone, from the beginner on up!

Dyna Lighting If you're looking for information on lighting, this site claims to be the best and biggest lighting directory and lighting resource site on the Internet. Hundreds of pages with tons of lighting links.

Canadian Centre for Documentary Photography is a non-profit organization which seeks to fund and otherwise encourage documentary photography. Their mission is to foster world-class documentary photography that has broad public impact and promotes social betterment.

The FoundView Standard "You want to know: Were all of the things you see in a remarkable photograph really there when the picture was taken? Or were they added later? By attaching the FoundView checkmark to a photograph, the photographer or publisher guarantees that the viewer is seeing the forms and shapes that the camera recorded the moment the shutter was clicked—no more, and no less." The original web site of FoundView disappeared some time ago but the standard lives on as a useful means of making this distinction. Photographer Vadim Makarov has been kind enough to preserve the entire text of the FoundView standard for viewing here.

The Nocturnes Night Photography Web Site An excellent resource for information about night photography and its intersection with all things Nocturnal - music, literature, other night imagery, poetry, pop culture, and science. Lots of good stuff here; photos, tips, interviews, online exhibits and plenty of interesting links. is Australia's leading online network for the photographic industry. Search for photographers, digital cameras, camera stores, digital / photo labs, camera clubs and 'used' cameras / computers & darkroom equipment!

10 Camera is a camera buyers guide with reviews, comparisons and resources, along with hundreds of links to everything photographic.

Photo Takers Photography Community. A substantial, and growing photography forum with discussions on both conventional and digital photography. Great site -- check it out!

Galeriegate -- Artists Online A woldwide community of Photographers, Artists, Musicians and more. Tons of links.

Images Alberta Camera Club based in Edmonton, is a good bunch of people working together to develop their photography skills. A while ago, I had the privilege of facilitating a night photography workshop with this group and I was very impressed with their excellent questions and comments. I was made to feel very welcome and I think this would be a great place for anyone with an interest in photography to meet like-minded folks. There is a wealth of photographic knowledge here to be shared. If you live in the Edmonton area be sure to check them out!

Imagerie Nichols Imaging not only specializes in photo restoration, film & video transfer, DVD slide show creation and photo & document archiving services; their site also contains a wealth of free information and resources. I found the section on archival care of film, photographic prints, videotape and digital media particularly interesting.

Science and Art Canadian Nature Photography by Robert Berdan. More than a gallery of must-see nature photography, Science and Art also offers tutorials, articles, workshops, an image database, equipment for sale, news, links and more.

Warrington District Camera Club based in Cheshire, UK introduce themselves as a group who enjoy photography without stuffyness or elitism. And after all, who needs to ruin photography by taking themsevles too seriously, right? Some nice work on display from this group. Also a very comprehensive collection of links.

PhotoLinks Photography Directory is a remarkably complete listing of photography related links of all types. Learn new tips and techniques, find books, magazines, services and equipment, and visit photography web sites all organized within a directory edited by real human beings. - Selected Links to Photography is a great resource for finding anything photographic. Looking for photographers, photo agencies or equipment manufacturers? Try here! In both German and English.

Mantis Magazine is a Washington, DC-based music magazine devoted to promoting local artists, photographers, and writers in various markets. Their mission is to form a network of musicians and artists, managers, promoters and studios, increasing awareness of local music and talent.

Art Support Fine Art Photography Resource and Gallery Guide is dedicated to helping fine art photographers get exposure and sell their work. Packed with information and links, this site assists photographers with the business side of fine art photography.

Photographing Fireworks This article is subtitled Inexact recommendations for an inexact shooting situation. Despite the caveat, it is an excellent tutorial on technique, and shooting fireworks has probably been the most predictable form of night photography I have attempted. If you want to try night shooting and are searching for something which stands a good chance of success on the first attempt, this may be for you.


Other Links:

The Country Grain Elevator Historical Society Every month, more of these familiar prairie scenes disappear forever, victims of rural depopulation, closure of rail lines, or advancement in grain handling technology. The Country Grain Elevator Historical Society is an organization dedicated to the preservation of country grain elevators and their history.

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Visit often! More links will be added in the near future. If you know of something that should be here, feel free to suggest it, and if you discover that one of these links has croaked, please let me know so I can remove it.



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