Photo #N26-4

Elfros Building #1

12:48 AM, Day 3 of the April 2004 road trip. I was scouting eastward across Saskatchewan along highway 16 when I rolled into the small town of Elfros and discovered this building. It always catches me a bit off guard to find ornate architecture like this in a town that is now mostly abandoned. I stand there alone in the middle of the street under the moonlight and think about how a thriving community once called this place home, going out of its way to make their town unique and beautiful. Now, you couldn't give away property in most of these places. In its heyday, I doubt any of the residents ever considered the notion that their town would someday wither and perhaps disappear entirely. It's not really human nature to think about such things at times like that. If we did, we'd probably never follow our crazy dreams. Although this might be a more sensible, efficient world, it would be a world with less hope; and the human spirit needs hope.

You spend a lot of time pondering stuff like this in my line of work.


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