Photo #N8-19Hoodoos #2

Green and red from opposite sides combine with natural moonlight to really enhance the texture of the rock. These are odd looking formations even in the light of day. I especially enjoyed the additional artistic opportunities afforded by shooting them at night. I visited this place on the trip home from shooting the Turner Valley Gas Plant. It was a beautiful, warm night and the smell of sagebrush was in the air. Grasshoppers chirped, while in the distance you could hear coyotes calling to the full moon. About every 20 seconds the haunting "whoop" of some unidentified creature could be heard. It might have been some sort of bird. Not an owl; it sounded more "prehistoric". On this perfect evening it was a pleasure to forgo the steel toed boots and and dust mask I used at the gas plant, for shorts and sandals. Nights like this are the reason I go night shooting.



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