Night Photography by Larrie Thomson
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All images on this site are available for purchase as Premium Custom Prints. These come unmounted and unframed, on either Fujichrome Super-Gloss Printing Material Type 35, or Kodak Professional Metallic Paper. They are printed Full Frame so there is no cropping of what you see here on the site. Designed for professional and high impact commercial applications, these processes print to highly reflective media with intense, vivid color. They are more costly than conventional processes but work by far the best for reproducing these images with the impact and intensity of the original film. They also boast an exceptional display life, with century-plus image stability now possible! Due to the limitations of Internet technology, there is no way I can show you how good these prints look in real life, suffice to say that they look much better than the electronic versions here. The prices below are in US dollars and they include shipping. Each photo is custom printed at the time of order and approved by yours truly, so please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.

Now you can Pay by Credit Card! Just click the link below and a new browser window will open to guide you through the process. Whether paying by credit card or ordering directly and paying by other means, you can always drop me an e-mail should you have any questions or concerns.

Premium Custom Prints



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